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Earth Telephone lift their name from Erdtelefon, an art installation by German "social sculptor" Joseph Beuys. Currently residing in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Erdtelefon simply and expertly juxtaposes the natural and the modern; a strongly rooted familiarity held up against something cold, new, and maybe even a little uncomfortable.

On Loss, Earth Telephone's first EP, the band hope to explore the feelings that give one comfort while embracing the harsh reality associated with deep personal loss. These are pop songs riding the warp and distortion of anger, fear and grief, and softening in the arms of the familiar and beloved. Loss is the end result of the dismantling and restructuring of these feelings into a more solid foundation on which to analyze and share them; a place to stand and overlook a constantly changing emotional landscape.

On this record you will find documentation of four close friends supporting one another. You will also find a couple guitars, a bass, some drums, voices, and even a few beautiful string arrangements.

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Earth Telephone is:
Christopher Diehm (vocals, guitar)
Biff Swenson (drums)
Eric James Friedman (bass, vocals)
Maxwell Stern (guitar, vocals)